Alessio Alferoni, kitesurf professional, joins the Eternha community!
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Alessio Alferoni, kitesurf professional, joins the Eternha community!

Alessio alferoni

Alessio, born in 1979, 191 cm in height and 78 kg in weight; an athlete's physique put at the service of a demanding and absolutely fun sport: kitesurfing.

A youthful past in sailing and freediving, testifying to the fact that water and the sea in particular are his element. But that's not all: wingfoil is also part of its sports perimeter, a marine discipline not yet well known in Italy, derived from windsurfing and kitesurfing. The wingfoil consists in using a sail held directly by the athlete, called a wingfoil, as a propeller to move the board on the water!

Alessio begins his journey in what has become his profession in 2005. The first kitesurfing course, the first difficulties in managing the board and then 3 intense years of practice in Italy and abroad until 2008 to become instructor.

In 2010 he arrives at the Stagnone of Marsala, where he begins to teach in this wonderful spot which will later become the reference point for kitesurfing in Europe, also thanks to its particular wind and coast conditions, perfect for the practice of this sport . After 13 years in Sicily, Alessio moved to the north of Sardinia, his current "home spot", where he continues to teach among paradisiacal beaches and superyachts.

Alessio is also the Exclusive Sales Manager for Eleveight Kites, a brand specialized in kitesurf and Wingfoil equipment..

Constancy, determination, dedication are the elements that have allowed Alessio to pursue his dream of working in the world of kitesurfing, dedicating his life to teaching and the passion for this sport which literally leads him to fly for dozens meters high, governing the wind, the waves and living in close contact with the marine environment in a healthy and fun way.

In our constant search for talents who have turned their passion and dreams into a profession, we are delighted to have started this collaboration with Alessio. Through him, our company embraces a category of spectacular sports that we are honored to include in our community.

We will soon publish Alessio's video interview in the usual "30 questions +1" format on our youtube channel!



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