Black Friday and Christmas: unmissable opportunities for the fashion and accessories sector.
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Black Friday and Christmas: unmissable opportunities for the fashion and accessories sector.

Black Friday e Natale: opportunità imperdibile per il settore moda e accessori. eternha

If I were asked what is the most profitable time of year for retail, I would have no doubt about it: Christmas of course. But not only that, for quite a few years, we have also had Black Friday in Italy.

Celebration born in the USA in the 20s of the last century, it represents the day when Macy's stores kicked off Christmas shopping. Called "black" because it is the color of the positive sign (as opposed to the red of the losses) with which the accounting books marked the receipts.

It goes without saying that companies that market retail products are preparing since the summer to organize advertising campaigns, marketing plans, dedicated offers and extreme discounts to collect as much as possible in terms of sales. Not everyone knows it, but for many companies the Christmas period can be worth 50% of the revenues of the whole year and it is not hard to understand how critical this moment is and felt by the shopkeepers. Online commerce is no exception, indeed, for those who live in the virtual world and therefore do not have the possibility to show windows "on the street", the advertising campaigns must be even more pushed, the images incredibly captivating and the offers sensational. < / p>

For us this is the first "Christmas period" as a company and we are not only super busy, but also excited to be able to be the actors of this event and we do not hide a certain "performance anxiety" as it is the first time. < / p>

With the closing of the Christmas and New Year holidays, we will complete the first semester of the company and we will be able to start taking stock of Eternha's start months; but now it's not time to take stock.

We are ready and super excited for this big commercial event and we will start

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