Hi-Tech and fashion polymers; the challenge of the Eternha Team
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Hi-Tech and fashion polymers; the challenge of the Eternha Team

Polimeri Hi-Tech e moda; la sfida del Team di Eternha eternha

When we started designing our company, the first thing we focused on was quality, an aspect on which we never compromised; but once the stakes were set on the level of materials that we would use in our work, we felt the need to be innovative, to introduce a material that not only gave a precise identity to the creation of some of our products, but that would allow anyone to wear an absolutely unusual element for fashion.

After some unproductive contacts, but which allowed us to gain experience, we arrived at CRP Technology, an international company, but with a historic headquarters in Italy.

Leader in the production of components in professional 3D printing and composite materials for the aerospace industry and motorsport, CRP Technology also manufactures components for regenerative orthogenesis and is committed to the production of elements for all advanced sectors, from Defense, to drones, up to sport.

What needed to be found was a material that was suitable for our purposes; we liked the idea of ​​mounting an indestructible element on our products, designed for extreme applications, something "eternal" in fact.

Thanks to the collaboration with CRP Technology, we have come to identify an extraordinary composite material, called Windform® GT, studied, developed and produced by CRP Technology.

A polyamide based material, loaded with glass fibers; resistant in particular to fluids, humidity, shocks. The Windform® GT answered all our questions: an extraordinarily resistant material, with a matte black appearance and absolutely hypoallergenic.

We have provided CRP with the designs of the elements we wanted to make and with great satisfaction we have mounted them on some of our bracelets, obtaining what we think is a truly unique product and that is what we hope our customers will appreciate.

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