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Eco and sustainable; the right choice for the protection of the planet

Foresta vista dall'albero con nebbia e corsi d'acqua

We have chosen to make our contribution to the protection of the Planet, adopting ecological and conscious choices. The polymer that constitutes the matrix of Windform® GT, from our partner CRP Technology is of vegetable origin, therefore 100% renewable.

From WestpacK. company present in Denmark we have chosen eco-sustainable packaging and cases for our jewels; and then marketing flyers, certificates and everything that could be made from recycled materials, we got it.

We use natural elements, stones and metals not only in the search for precious materials, but also because everything that is natural does not pollute the planet.

We will always promote the defense of the environment and we will commit ourselves in the future to concretize our activity to protect the Earth in ever more incisive actions.

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