Energica Week 2022. We are back!
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Energica Week 2022. We are back!

Energica Week 2022. Siamo rientrati! eternha

The Modena event was exciting and inspiring.

We had the opportunity to test electric bikes and get excited by the exceptional performance of their engines, but above all we had the opportunity to meet the managers and breathe the atmosphere of the Italian Motor Valley.

It is a large entrepreneurial plant from which the most desired cars and motorbikes in the world come out, an example of Italian excellence that has its roots in a glorious past but with a far-sighted look into the future.

Tradition and innovation were the two words we heard most often and which gave us a clear representation of how these companies are built on a stainless foundation, made of values, commitment and a deep will to carry out grandiose projects.

On the same occasion we had the opportunity to visit the factories of CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology from which the hi-tech polymer elements of which some of our bracelets are made come out and this allowed us to understand the processes even more fully of realization and thus being able to make the design of our jewels more efficient, exploiting the potential of these extraordinary materials.

We looked into each other's eyes and realized that we want to be part of this reality. We want to represent in our creations the beauty, style and efficiency that have inspired us these days

We return home after a series of important meetings that have allowed us to start some projects, through which we will be able to bring to our creations an increasingly quality product able to best represent the passions and emotions of our customers.

Energica Week 2022

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