Summer 2023: new collection with a surprise!
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Summer 2023: new collection with a surprise!

La collezione estate 2023 è infatti caratterizzata da 8 nuovi modelli: 4 girocollo e 4 bracciali perfettamente abbinabili.

Almost a year after the opening of our online store, we have reached the moment of the most effervescent collection of the year: the summer line!

To celebrate the arrival of the sunny season and to inaugurate our first year in business, we thought we'd go big and we didn't just launch a new line of models, but we added to our well-known bracelets, a completely new series that also includes necklaces!

The 2023 summer collection is in fact characterized by 8 new models: 4 necklaces and 4 perfectly matchable bracelets.

The first 6 models are already available on our store: 3 necklaces and the related 3 bracelets which can still be purchased separately. Over the next few weeks, 2 other models will be added to the collection: a choker and a bracelet.

The summer line has not only expanded the type of jewels we present, but sees the introduction of new materials. Wood, confirming that the living material is the protagonist of the upcoming holidays also for our brand, but also three extraordinary new stones: larimar, in its raw state, aquamarine and the fascinating ghost quartz!

The new collection is a tribute to some of the indigenous tribes that still inhabit our planet. We are fascinated by the attachment to nature of these peoples; their symbiotic life with the natural element is a source of great inspiration for us. Passion, dedication, culture, are the muses for our creations, but not only.

Since its foundation, we have linked our brand to the passions that animate people's lives and we do so not only through the choice of our testimonials, but also by supporting, through our blog, cultures that live in harmony with planet Earth and represent the highest example of peace between man and the environment that surrounds us.

We will deepen everything in the coming weeks, follow us on our channels and subscribe to the newsletter!
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