Eternha® is finally a registered trademark!
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Eternha® is finally a registered trademark!

Eternha® è finalmente un marchio registrato!
Behind that little circled R there is a universe of passion, sacrifices, hopes and lots and lots of determination.

When you decide to give shape to what was initially simply an idea, you know that you will have to go through many steps before the product that you will one day put on the market is born from that embryo of thought and reasoning. A jewel is above all an expression of our creativity, of taste and of the constant and spasmodic search for quality, originality and above all authenticity.

So there comes a moment in which you feel the need to reclaim all that work and sacrifices that led you to realize what in no uncertain terms is your entrepreneurial dream and the fear that someone might take possession of it unequivocally disturbs.

It's not simply a question of claiming possession of something, but of protecting your creative intimacy, the fruit of what represents you in terms of style and choices and which will define not only what you have achieved up to that moment, but also and above all that it will represent you in the future.

Before even opening our store, we invested a portion of our resources to protect the so-called "intellectual property" (and industrial) of the brand which we are for tely linked.

The registration of our brand is certainly an essential step for its founders but it also becomes a guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity for all the people who decide to buy our jewels and we are happy to have achieved this important result.
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