Eternha arrives in stores!
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Eternha arrives in stores!

Eternha arriva nei negozi!

We are fond of our online store, we cannot deny it. Our virtual showcase has given way to our small but promising company which has been growing for almost a year, receiving acclaim and counting more and more sportsmen and artists, united by a fundamental element for us: the passion for the discipline in which our testimonials are real champions.

Our social networks, the online site, have been and will continue to be their showcase, together with our jewels, of course, which we create with the intention of enclosing within them the emotions that animate those passions. Strong, authentic feelings, for which we felt the need to go one step further: to make them palpable, "real", so that people could feel those vibrations, those emotions through contact with our creations.< /p>

We therefore immediately identified the first two points of sale, on the Roman coast, where it will be possible to wear, see, touch in person and obviously buy our jewels.


We invite you to visit the web page of our website dedicated to the stores, to find the ones closest to you!

Arriving in a physical point of sale for us means meeting people, listening to their stories, perceiving their emotions; because first of all a jewel is a symbol, the projection of something important that we want to communicate to the people we love, even before being an aesthetic element. Through it we give emotions and that visceral energy is the engine of our creations.

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