Fabryrock, overlander moto traveler, becomes testimonial of our brand in the world!
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Fabryrock, overlander moto traveler, becomes testimonial of our brand in the world!

Fabryrock, moto viaggiatore overlander, diventa testimonial del nostro marchio nel mondo!
Aka Fabrizio Buscaglia, Fabryrock is a well-known and appreciated YouTuber who has been traveling the world on his motorbike for over 10 years. His claim is "just for a coffee", which is the engine that drives him to reach destinations around the planet. Behind this there is a boundless passion for motorcycle travel, adventure, immersion in nature, in the cultures and history of the peoples he meets during his solitary journeys.

Starts with Harley Davidson motorcycles and crosses America Coast to Coast several times, then transitions to Honda motorcycles , first with the Goldwing model with which he reaches many stops in Europe, even at the borders of the continent and more recently with the Africa Twin motorcycle with which he leaves Savona in May 2022, touches the North Cape in Norway, returns home and prepares the journey that will take him to cover the entire perimeter of the African continent. In fact, it restarts at the end of October 2022 and descends towards Cape Town passing through the West coast of Africa, the most difficult and dangerous. He often sleeps in tents, in improvised bivouacs as is typical of his "wild" style; reaches Cape Town in South Africa and leaves again going up the East coast, same methods and then up towards Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia and finally back home to Savona.

In his incredible journey, he touched 43 countries without making any air transfers and covering practically everything "on the road"; he showed his followers the real Africa, the poverty of the villages with thatched roofs, the chaotic and crazy traffic of the big cities, the colours, the faces, the smiles of the children. Boundless sunsets and sunrises, jungle, deserts, fiery sun and paralyzing cold. Fabrizio kept a logbook of his adventures through his videos on YouTube and social channels.

Continuously in turmoil, he is already ready to plan his next incredible journey, perhaps through Australia; with him everything is possible!

We at Eternha immediately read in his travels the incredible passion and love that Fabryrock has for adventure and of course motorbikes. We define him as an uncompromising and almost filter-free character and this is what makes him authentic. For better or for worse he tells everything he sees and encounters in his adventures and he does it through his smiles but also the anguish, enthusiasm, disappointments, happiness and emotion of what he feels and what passes as powerful and genuine. through his videos.
Fabryrock per Eternha

Fabrizio is the perfect opportunity for us to support those like him who have transformed his boyhood dream into a profession; it involves us in a sector very dear to us which is motorcycling and adventure. We are happy, proud and excited for the start of this beautiful collaboration.

Go Fabry Go!

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