Macramè brings ethnicity into summer 2023.
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Macramè brings ethnicity into summer 2023.

Il macramè porta l'etnico nell'estate 2023.

The Summer 2023 collection that we launched a few weeks ago opened the summer season for our brand and allowed us, on the one hand, to introduce the new bracelet models and on the other to insert necklaces between our jewels; an absolute novelty for us! The occasion proved to be a tempting one to experiment with new materials that thrilled us. Wood in particular has become the basis of recent creations, designed for summer and for moonlit evenings.

We have thus equipped the men's necklaces with a comfortable T closure -Bar and on the bracelets, in addition to the usual silicone elastic system, we have kept the possibility of choosing an adjustable closure that is practical and that does not give up the elegant style that we love to give to our creations.

So, inspired by the natural and essential theme of the new line, the bracelets have been equipped with a macramé knot closure; a choice with an ethnic flavor, embellished with four spheres with threaded ends that make the aesthetics of the bracelet perfectly balanced.

In the multifaceted panorama of summer 2023 fashion solutions, this is the answer from Eternha!

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