The online market and the need to be visible. Eternha on Repubblica.
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The online market and the need to be visible. Eternha on Repubblica.

Il mercato online e la necessità di essere visibili. Eternha su Repubblica. eternha
"Advertising is the soul of commerce", the quote from one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world, Henry Ford, founder of the car company, will always be relevant. Ford argued that "Anyone who stops advertising to save money is like stopping the clock to save time." Impossible to blame him.

Is the online market perhaps alien to these dynamics? The answer is no; indeed, absolutely not.
Those who occupy a space in the digital market not only need advertising but need it more than "physical" commerce. An online store has no shop windows on the street, people do not walk past the store and do not enter to ask for information and the only way for the shopkeeper to reach his potential customers is to be him (or her) to enter their homes. . Today the most obvious way are the social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and the list can go even further and every day new trends take hold and new paths and opportunities open up to be visible.

The truth is that to do business you need to have a lot of money because it is not true that there are sponsorships for all budgets. Low cost advertising brings sales close to zero and the equation is simple: the more you spend the more you are visible and the more you are visible and the more potential buyers are interested in your product and maybe buy. It is the law of large numbers.

In this digital landscape made up of algorithms, posts, virtual sponsorships, social networks, influencers and parallel universes, there is a rather large slice of readers who still use paper, the one you buy at newsstands and browse glossy magazines that give off that print aroma that will never lose its charm.

We love the digital world, technology and the new frontiers of the online market and in the same way we still believe in the tactile pleasure of touching the pages. Whether it's a newspaper on newsstands or a post on a social network, for a brand the common denominator is always the need for visibility.
For this reason our choice is to invest both in digital sponsorships than in "classic" advertising in newspapers and magazines.
In the advertising market, one does not exclude the other at all.

Paraphrasing, stopping the clock will certainly not save time.
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