Class is an attitude
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Class is an attitude

La classe è un'attitudine eternha

In fashion there is an imperative that inevitably affects all sectors: "Amaze!"

The constant search for originality, in a commercial environment that seems to have already written all the chapters of its novel, seems to be the only way to find space in the multitude of many players. In the same way, being original translates into the need to create curiosity, raised to the nth degree, because to be heard you need to make more noise than everyone else.

In fashion and more specifically in jewelry, increasingly complex creations are made, with super-precious stones, with amazing and, let's not hesitate to say it, amazing shapes.

Luckily, that's not always the case.

Elegance is also essentiality, stripped of so many sophisticated and improbable solutions that in the end do nothing but distract without attracting.

Paraphrasing, we could say that a beautiful woman remains beautiful even when wearing a T-shirt; so, for the same reason, manners, movements, knowing how to speak, empathy and intelligence, make people fascinating, regardless of their appearance.

The essence makes the substance and not the frills.

Among our collections, there is a bracelet that we believe represents all of this: Cignho.

A strand of "Tiffany"-colored jade pearls that will be by its simplicity, by its pastel color or even by the emotions that the name Tiffany evokes, which transforms every woman into a diva.

With Cignho on you become part of an imaginary that has an ancient flavor and that at the same time will always be modern, because class is an attitude.

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