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The Gazzetta di Modena reserves a space for Eternha in its historic newspaper

La Gazzetta di Modena riserva uno spazio ad Eternha sul suo storico giornale

La Gazzetta Modenese today dedicates an article to the partnership between Eternha and the international company CRP Technology.

The synergy between the two companies has made it possible to bring industrial 3D printing technology applied to hi-tech polymers to the jewelery sector, in our case, the Windform® GT.

Technology, jewels but also environmental protection. In particular, the l polymer that constitutes the matrix of Windform® GT, of our partner CRP Technology is of vegetable origin, therefore 100% renewable.

Eternha is present in these days in several articles in numerous newspapers both online and in print. If you want to know more, click here:

https: // www.

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