Our first time!
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Our first time!

La nostra prima volta!

Starting a company is a critical moment because you turn on the car and you start hoping that everything will go right. There are so many things that have been worked on in the previous months that when you open it, you fear that everything will collapse on you like an avalanche and the main fear is of losing control and crashing.

Six months have passed since the launch of our online store and we have learned a lot; the mistakes we have made have exploded in our faces and in the same way the right paths we have taken have rewarded us. The theoretical bases that we have developed have been fundamental but experience in the field remains the real added value for the success and prosperity of a company.

It took four months before for our first real order to enter the store!

We imagined that we wouldn't have sold immediately, but we wouldn't have expected all this time either. We didn't understand what was happening, why a product that seemed really good to us wasn't sold and we started to reconsider every aspect.
Analyze the graphics of the site, the colors, the poses of the photos; try to understand if you are conveying your message with the right words. You re-read the posts on Facebook, on Instagram, you take advantage of the collaboration of experts and analyze hundreds of data to understand how to capture the interest of potential customers and get them the passion you put into what you do.
You would literally like to enter people's homes to bring your product to personally demonstrate how good it is and how many sacrifices you made to get to that result.

The truth is maybe less romantic but definitely simpler. You have to build your credibility slowly.

The "brand awareness" phase is the key to earning people's trust. Before buying any product from a brand we do not know, we ourselves must convince ourselves that it is authentic, that there is no scam behind it and that the quality is that promised.
We have thus oriented almost all of our resources demonstrate that we are real and authentic.

We follow every order we receive with maniacal care. Our newsletters are written in a practically personal way one by one. The bracelets are made by choosing each stone and the guarantees that we attach have the handwritten signature. We carry out the shipments with the highest priority, charging ourselves in full with the costs and we follow the tracking to be sure that they arrive on schedule.

The promise we made is that when our volume traffic will be higher, we will continue to treat each order with the same passion and emotion as the first ones, because we want our brand to always reflect the authenticity and values ​​with which we founded it.

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