Black onyx, a mysterious stone that has been traveling through history for millennia.
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Black onyx, a mysterious stone that has been traveling through history for millennia.

Onice nera, una pietra misteriosa che viaggia nella storia da millenni. eternha

Onyx, that is claw, of the chalcedony family, is used in modern crystal therapy for its strengthening properties of the immune system, but has been known since ancient times. Considered a natural shield against negativity and evil spirits, it was inserted into the hilt of swords and shields to protect warriors in battle.

It was called the stone of the witches for its magical properties, traces are even found in the Genesis of the Bible as it is considered the trigger of Creation. The mental benefits of the stone are linked to its ability to relax from anxieties and to allow the wearer to come into contact more easily with the people around him. In nature it has white streaks but is then marketed completely black, both glossy and opaque (matte).

You can find it in many of our bracelets; Falcho, Linche, Falenha, Gecho and Lupho.

From an aesthetic point of view, the stone enhances the tones of the complexion, especially the dark one and the deep black of which it is characterized, making it elegant in the glossy version and very sporty in the matte version. Combined with steel and silver it acquires strength and preciousness.

We also like the combination with our Hi-Tech polymer in Windform GT which inserts a portion of high technology and the fascination of spatial discovery and the adrenaline of motorposrt.

To learn more about Hi-Tech polymers, read our article dedicated to the collaboration with CRP Technology.

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