Snowflake Obsidian - Ice and lava in one image
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Snowflake Obsidian - Ice and lava in one image

Ossidiana fiocco di neve: ghiaccio e lava in un'immagine eternha

From the obsidian family, we use the snowflake in its brown variety in our Aquilha, Tartarugha and Leonhe bracelets.

Combined with steel in Leonhe and Tartarugha it acquires strength and elegance; combined with the addition of Windform® GT polymers in the Aquilha bracelet it becomes an expression of sportiness and virility.  Aquilha- Eternha bracelet composed of snowflake obsidian, steel, Windform® GT on a white background

Snowflake obsidian is a rapidly cooled lava stone, which is why it vitrifies and forms globular intrusions of cristobalite crystals that look like snowflakes.

It is the stone with which amulet scarabs were made in Egypt, but already from the Paleolithic it was appreciated for the creation of arrowheads and various tools. Native Americans called it "Apache Tears" because they believed they were the tears of the Earth for the death of American Indians.

Used in crystal therapy for its ability to make you appreciate the moment you live and fight fears. It is a powerful stone for stimulating peripheral blood circulation.

If you want to amaze, we recommend the combination of our Leonhe and Tartarugha bracelets, for an incredible effect of strength and protection!

Tararugha and Leonhe Eternha snowflake obsidian bracelets combined with steel and hematite. Worn by model with hand in pocket with white shirt and dark trousers

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