Stones and steel: the autumn-winter collection we wanted
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Stones and steel: the autumn-winter collection we wanted

Pietre ed acciaio: la collezione autunno-inverno che volevamo

The symbolic aspect of a jewel has its roots in antiquity. The Egyptians, the Sumerians and even further back the primitive populations adorned themselves with amulets and symbols that instilled courage, strength and determination; but not only. A jewel is the guardian of emotions, it is the spokesperson of a message, often of a feeling and its value, in most cases is more intrinsic than material.

We wanted to preserve these emotions as if in a treasure chest and we needed of materials known for their resistance, but also innovative and so we have entrusted steel and natural stone with the task of protecting these values.

The Rock 'n Steel collection was born precisely from this strong desire to "protect "the symbolic aspect that each of us attributes to a jewel and we have entrusted it, as well as to the materials, to the mythological personalities who more than all are guardians of human attitudes: Ares, Prometheus, Tyr, Athena, but also to the mythological sword of Orlando, Durandal.

Each jewel, also for this collection, is the result of meticulous research into materials and design, in the always recognizable style of Eternha.

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