Natural stones and metals. Quality comes first
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Natural stones and metals. Quality comes first

Pietre naturali e metalli. Al primo posto la qualità eternha

Quality is an abused term in business; whatever becomes quality on the merchant's lips, but we like to motivate it.

The stones we use are of first choice and where it is not specified it is only because there is only one standard category. In the vast panorama of semi-precious stones, we certainly went to taste in our research, but always refusing pastes or stone mixtures.

We want our jewels to always show the veins, reflections and textures of natural stone. For this reason the products we sell require care and should not be mistreated. We have dedicated specific sections to this on our site.

We have chosen pure silver for our products, no plating or mixed materials. To give an example, the silver logo element, present on one of our models, weighs 6.50 grams and was made by an artisan workshop in Rome, forging the metal based on our designs.

We have declined silver in different ways, from smooth to diamond or combined with zircons of different colors.

The steel we use is surgical steel, therefore the most hypoallergenic of those available. We are organizing ourselves to create designs that can also be made in steel, so as to have our models of elements on multiple types of materials.

We then use Swarovsky elements that need no introduction, wood and i-tech polymers with exceptional resistance characteristics and on these you can find specific articles on the site with insights into the characteristics of these incredible materials and their fields of application.

The only alloy that, apart from the steel we use, is zamak and is used to affix the logo element on some of our lines. The choice of this material is dictated by the desire to make our bracelets accessible to everyone and therefore to be able to contain production costs without sacrificing the quality and value of the other elements. The zamak logos are also made by an Italian company, based on our designs.

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