When a passion turns into a profession.
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When a passion turns into a profession.

Quando una passione si trasforma in mestiere.

Chiara Lo Bianco has just become our testimonial. When we asked her to provide us with some more information in order to best present her in our articles, she gave us such a spontaneous and heartfelt self-presentation that we decided to leave it unabridged.

"My name is Chiara, I am 31 years old and I come from Trieste where my passion for sport was born. Since I was a child I have breathed emotions related to different activities, starting with team sports and then approaching the weight room which has become my great love.I am a personal trainer specialized in EMS training and fitness/bodybuilding with adaptations derived from postural gymnastics and I strongly believe in an aesthetic impact created through the care of performance at all round. Until 2020 this was my second job but after the first lockdown I took courage and left everything to dedicate myself to what I love. I decided to approach the world of sport in a holistic way, with the vision of a body that moves and lives as one with a healthy balanced mind.After 13 years in the weight room I still find myself smiling when I hit a new goal in the gym and that's my key: the flame, the enthusiasm. I'm lucky to live by what I love most is being able to help other people get better, and that's priceless.

We are happy to have Chiara among our brand ambassadors. His involvement consolidates our positioning in the world of fitness and well-being.

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