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A company born almost by chance ...

We are Chiara and Stefano, partners in life and founders of Eternha.

We design, assemble and package the jewels that arrive in your homes. We respond to your messages on social networks, emails, create blogs on the site, photo shoot and publish posts on our channels. Each initiative, solution and creation is the result of an intense and passionate confrontation between us.

Chiara has a degree in architecture and a career path like that of many recent graduates; he has accepted any job in order to work, often outside his own sector: technical systems, banks, insurance companies, furniture but also non-profit organizations on humanitarian projects.

Stefano, over twenty years in the IT sector, including graphics and design, with an entrepreneurial past in multiple sectors, from retail, to events and startups, as well as in music and composition.

Eternha was born quite by accident.

It all started in the summer of 2020, when Stefano lost a bracelet to which he was very attached and Chiara decided to get him a new one, but rather than buy it, she chose to make it with her own hands by purchasing the lava stone beads, of onyx and obsidian from which the original bracelet was made.

The result was really good and we realized that creating bracelets could be a good opportunity to supplement our income.

The project immediately started with clear ideas: the aim was to combine natural stones with elements in steel, silver and something that had not been experimented until that moment: to insert high-tech materials with high performance, used in extreme fields such as motorsport and aerospace.

After about two years of planning, Eternha was born, a company conceived by answering just one question:

When I buy a piece of jewelry, what am I really interested in having?

Eternha is based on possible answers to that question, which is why we have focused on quality, innovation and after-sales, putting the customer at the center of our project.

The recipe of our company has as ingredients music, photography, nature and the desire to carry out an entrepreneurial project that characterizes our life inside and outside this profession.

A wonderful job, which like all the others is not without problems and missteps, especially when you have few financial resources and which derive entirely from your savings.

We started our project by committing many errors of evaluation, meeting people who slowed us down and in some cases hindered us and we also lost a lot of money when we realized that some materials purchased did not meet the quality criteria we have set. as a cornerstone for our creations and we had to replace them.

At the same time, we learned a lot from those mistakes and people. We grew up treasuring every experience, positive and negative, without ever losing the enthusiasm and awareness of what we wanted to achieve. We have also met with great support, not only from our families but from many of our suppliers who are always with us, believe in our project and accompany us on this extraordinary journey.

We are a company that makes jewelry.
Our slogan is "Factory of passions".

We shape the emotions contained in the passions in which people recognize themselves; sport, nature, travel and all those occasions that you want to share in the important moments of life.

We address sportsmen, artists, nature lovers, those who transform their profession into a passion and all those people who wish to combine the beauty of an object with the substance of what it represents for them.

It is a journey that leads us to embrace the passions of which people live, of which we ourselves live and we will do it by meeting those who dedicate their time, every resource, dreams and hopes to make it happen.

Our goal is therefore to combine classical tradition with innovation, creating quality combinations with a strong aesthetic impact.